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song tonight - or they were until i lost track of my trainof thought.
music plays a huge part of my life. its almost always going in the house. it places me where i was smeplace, it helps me write. it soothes me and it has in turn soothed my daughter.
so today here is a play list from what is moving me right now.. sacred harp music - i'm going home. go do some research on it. the arm waving is the primitive form of conducting. cold mountain also had this song in it and on the soundtrack. - the baby's new lullabye. from the sound of music. and although it's sung between two people in love, it's also a prayer kind of. a prayer of thankfulness i think. and i think and pray that prayer everytime i look at my daughter. - you'll love it.

i had a whole list of other songs i was going to put up here. but the baby turned off the computer. so i lost my train of thought and the music list.

love is at his final class for the session. he starts again in a couple weeks. then after fall term he's off to student teaching.

writing. having fun with it.


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