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monday monday
monday begins the fall semester and i am back at work three days a week. i already dreading it.
i have been home all this summer with the baby. it's taken a lot of adjusting to, but i have loved it. and i feel like i'm missing something.
there's a line in our town, where emily asks the angel that she goes back to view her last day with, do they ever get it? do they ever realize how beautiful it is? and the angel says some do. poets and dreamers mostly.
and i'm feelng kind of that way right now. i'm afraid that if i'm away from the baby, i'm going to miss something...

drs appt tomorrow for her for a suspected ear infection. likely going to be referred to an ent for tubes for her.

watched enchanted tonight. cute. disney does have a sense of humor.

must go. baby fussy and crying. a t half past midnight. again.


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