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languages i want to learn
re-learn spanish
welsh - maybe
and any number of Native American Languages.

am listening to there can be miracles from prince of egypt and aside from moving my soul every time i hear this song... i just get chills whenever i hear the hebrew sung. i have sung in it once and i loved it. there is something about the sounds that just gives me chills. think of it - this is the langauage of Christ. Christ was Jewish. He would have spoken Hebrew at least a little.

i am trying to relearn spanish. i need to get back to watching the gaelic videos and working on that.

and of course ASL.

This is another reason I want to either Homeschool, charter school, private school or do supplemental school. I want to really focus on Molly learning another language at least one. and i want to do it early. the schools here do it too late.


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