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repeating my mantra
today i am repeating my mantra a lot.

i will get my body back, better than what it was before. i beat anorexia, i can beat the baby weight. i can give up ice cream and i'll be fine.
i will become a published and well respected author/novelist. i only need one agent to believe in me and the book and my future. i will do this.

those are my mantras goals i keepo repeating to myself.
i decided i want the fiona body from burn notice. i know, laugh... but, i want to at least not be always hiding from the camera... i want to not be afraid of when i have to be seen by others. i know i'm not terrible, but i know i'm not where i need to be. so i am constantly recommitting myself to gettiing back in shape, and keeping motivated...

and i'm not giving up on writing. i can't. i am goingto keep looking for an agent until i find one. i only need one.

we will find a job for rylan when he gets his certification. and we will be guided by the spirit as to what to do.

those are my daily affirmations.
but mostly toda - i will get my body back. i will get my awesome body back. i will become a great writer. i will get an agent and sell this book and be well on my way to finishing the second and then on to the others....

i'm good enoug, i'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me.


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